Monday, May 25, 2015

Here we go!

Hello friends! This week, I began a journey that did not require a passport, luggage, traveler's checks or avoiding the local water. My journey is to start AND finish Jessie Hilgenberg's 14 Week Muscle Building Program. It's quite different from what I have been doing, so I expect a HUGE learning curve. 

 If you don't know who Jessie is, here is a picture:

Not only is she strong, beautiful and healthy, but she is also one of the most positive and up lifting women in the body building world. Her programs are healthy, not extreme and the women that use them (Jessie's Girls) are incredibly supportive of one another. She is a lifter, an athlete, a celebrity, but also a mother, a friend and a mentor to thousands.

My previous strength training regimen, Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe, was a great foundation builder, and I was looking for something additional to keep my ADHD brain engaged. I had been following Jessie Hilgenberg for a while and, with a "thumbs up" from the hubby, I got the Muscle Building Program and have jumped in with both feet.

This is my "BEFORE" can tell because I am not beet red and sweaty!
.I plan to document my journey, step by step, so grab your workout gear, some water, a towel and your motivation and join me as I become a Jessie's Girl!


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