Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 3 Begins...

My first full week of the Muscle Building program and I am really pumped about how things are going! I am already seeing positive results and it motivates me to keep going.What I have done the last few days:

LOVE LOVE LOVE  Deadlifts! I subbed Sumo Deadlifts in for Sumo Stance Leg Press, since we don't have a leg press machine at home. I have not done them in a while though, so I was a bit awkward at first. The good thing about 4 sets of 15 reps is that my form was great by the end.  We also had to invent something using Inversion Boots and Bands to do Hamstring Curls with, but it worked pretty good. No Cardio on this day, but the work out was enough to get my heart rate up and the blood pumping.

My first workout to repeat, so I had a better idea of how this one would go. I kept the weights the same, since I am technically still in Week 2. I did Parallel Leg Raises instead of Decline, since my core is not up the point where I can do Decline Leg Raises and moved the Negative Parallel Pull Ups closer to the end, since they smoke my arms and it's hard to do them after doing Pull Ups. No Cardio today either.

Sunday is a Cardio Day, so I thought I would try Deadmills. If you don't know what that is, here is an explanation:

1) Take a perfectly functional treadmill and UNPLUG IT. (I know, I know)
2) Grab the handles and start running as fast as you can, manually pushing it with your feet,for 30 seconds. (Yep, as hard as it sounds and the LONGEST 30 seconds EVER!)
3) Gasp like you are dying for about 90 seconds (Take HR at beginning and end of this)
4) Repeat steps 1-3 for 20 mins... :)

YEAH...these are seriously hard, but I managed to get in 10 rounds in 20 min.

My biggest challenge so far is getting the Macros right on what I eat, but each day is a bit better.

Until next time!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

TGIRD...(Thank God It's Rest Day)!!!

This 2nd week of Phase 1 of the Muscle Building program has been pretty tough! Between calculating macros(never done before), doing 4 sets of 15 reps(I am used to 3 sets of 5 reps) and adding lots of cardio(haven't done much of that lately), it has been challenging to say the least. And let me tell you....Leg Day is NO JOKE!!!

Seriously, I had to walk down the stairs BACKWARDS and even sitting on the toilet was painful. But, it's getting better and I am seeing changes in my body already, so I am super happy about it.

Speaking of changes, and it the interest of full disclosure, here are my "Before" pics:

Front - Before Flex
Right Side - Before

Left Side - Before

Back - Before

Back - Flex
Now that I have recovered from the trauma of "putting myself out there", here is what I have been up to:
This was my first day for HIIT Cardio, I did Treadmill Sprints.

Shoulder Day! 

In the pic above, there is an entry called "Swiss Ball Pikes". In case you don't know what that is, let me explain:

  1. Get a Swiss Ball (Yoga Ball, Stress Ball, Labor Ball...big blow up ball you sit on)
  2. TRY to gracefully get on the ball with your legs resting on the ball and hands/arms in push up position (Try is the operative word)
  3. Simultaneously, pull your feet forward and push your butt upwards, while not falling off the ball (easier said that done)
  4. Repeat 14 more times (if you can, without stopping)
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 three more times
Here is a video showing me doing said maneuver:

I will spare you the sight of me getting OFF the ball... :)

Until next time!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Workout Recap

My first work out for the Muscle Building program! I actually started on Saturday, instead of Monday, so I was calling those workouts "Week 1.5"... :) Here is my journal entry from that one:

I don't have some of the equipment set up at home yet, so I had to substitute some of the movements for equivalent ones. My hubby is really good at figuring those out and he is super helpful and supportive. After being used to lifting heavy for sets of 5, it really did not seem like a lot of weight (I started with what I THOUGHT were pretty low weights) but, 4 sets of 15 reps relieved me of that misconception REALLY quickly. Though my arms were feeling pretty pasta-like, I still felt pretty good until SUNDAY...*cue sinister music*

Yep, pretty much sums it up...
I felt like an OLD lady...a SORE, old lady, and I had to have help dressing because my arms did not want to go over my head. I was thinking..."HOW am I going to train today?" But, I did it, and I even did Cardio on top of it! I will fill you in on that one next time.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Here we go!

Hello friends! This week, I began a journey that did not require a passport, luggage, traveler's checks or avoiding the local water. My journey is to start AND finish Jessie Hilgenberg's 14 Week Muscle Building Program. It's quite different from what I have been doing, so I expect a HUGE learning curve. 

 If you don't know who Jessie is, here is a picture:

Not only is she strong, beautiful and healthy, but she is also one of the most positive and up lifting women in the body building world. Her programs are healthy, not extreme and the women that use them (Jessie's Girls) are incredibly supportive of one another. She is a lifter, an athlete, a celebrity, but also a mother, a friend and a mentor to thousands.

My previous strength training regimen, Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe, was a great foundation builder, and I was looking for something additional to keep my ADHD brain engaged. I had been following Jessie Hilgenberg for a while and, with a "thumbs up" from the hubby, I got the Muscle Building Program and have jumped in with both feet.

This is my "BEFORE" can tell because I am not beet red and sweaty!
.I plan to document my journey, step by step, so grab your workout gear, some water, a towel and your motivation and join me as I become a Jessie's Girl!